Hot coffee maker may be seasonal. But Cafflano Klassic is NOT.

Cold brew takes many hours to produce, but Cafflano Klassic can make iced coffee instantly from fresh beans.

Simply top it off with ice inside the tumbler(Cafflano mug) before you drip.

Here are steps on how to make iced coffee from fresh bean with Cafflano Klassic.


1. For faster drip, you can use No.2 paper filter on stainless filter. Easy cleaning and quick disposing beans after drip.


2. You can also grind beans with screwing grinder on Cafflano Drip Kettle as well. Some people find this easier for grinding.


3. Grinding coarse was perfect for me. But of course, all depends on your taste.


4. Fill hot water only 1/2 of the drip kettle. If you fill full, it may over flow since we are going to put ice in tumbler.


5. Fill the tumbler with ice about 80% of the tumbler.


6. Put your stainless filter onto the tumbler and drip with half topped hot water.


7. You will see the half of ice is still floating after hot brew.


8. Now, this is a hot brewed iced coffee with Cafflano Klassic. We can enjoy Cafflano Klassic all seasons long.