All in One Coffee Maker with Hand-mill Grinder and filter
Daily Roasted Beans just for your own flavor.
Innovative cup sleeve for full advertisement on sleeve with reduced heat transfer
For Home of Office use to enjoy fresh beans from Cafflano


//Cafflano – All in One Coffee Maker
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Cafflano – All in One Coffee Maker

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All in One Structure (All included)

  • Hand-mill Grinder
  • Stainless Filter Dripper
  • Drip Kettle
  • Thermal Mug

Eco-Friendly CAFFLANO

  • No Disposable Pods in Landfills
  • No Disposable cups
  • No Filters Required
  • No Measuring cup, No Scale Required
  • Simplest way to prepare a cup of joe

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Product Description

How to Adjust Grinder

how to use cafflano 1

① Turn the Locker counterclockwise and remove the Locker and the stopper(Handle).

② Turn the Grind Adjustment Nut to the desired grind level. Turn 5 notches from locking wheel is Fine, Turn 10 notches right from locking wheel is
how to use cafflano 5
⑤ Lock the Grind Adjustment Nut with the stopper of grinder handle.

⑥ ‘Install Locker back.